Front-End Developer, Huntflow Vladimir Kuznetsov

Vladimir is working as a front-end engineer at Huntflow. He has much experience in creating single page application using React. From time to time, he works as a consultant for other companies and helps junior developers as a mentor. Also, Vladimir speaks at Russian and international conferences.

22/09/2018 11:40JS Talks

Case studies: Two color management plugins for PostCSS

Have you ever tried to implement a PostCSS plugin which does something special on your project and fits your needs the best? It’s not so hard, really. In this talk you will find out the basics of traversing Abstract Syntax Tree, manipulating its nodes, and get some ideas of how PostCSS and CSSTree can work together. The talk is based on two real-life examples. One of them is an educational assignment for a junior developer. The plugin should replace one color with another. Another one is a color theme generator. The plugin produces a set of color variations based on source styles.

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