Senior Accessibility Engineer, The Paciello Group Patrick H. Lauke

Patrick H. Lauke is a Senior Accessibility Engineer at The Paciello Group. In a previous life he was a Web Evangelist in the Developer Relations team at Opera. He’s been involved in the discourse around Web Standards and Accessibility since 2001, actively speaking at conferences and participating in early initiatives such as the Web Standards Project (WaSP).
He is a member of the W3C Accessibility Guidelines Working Group, chair and co-editor of the W3C Pointer Events Working Group and co-editor of the W3C Touch Events Community Group.

22/09/2018 09:00CSS Workshop #1

Introduction to ARIA: The Why, The How, The New, The Weird...

Vanilla HTML is limiting and boring. Our clients demand highly engaging and interactive web experiences. And wouldn’t you know, with just a bit of HTML and JavaScript we can craft amazing custom controls, widgets and effects that go far beyond the confines of traditional static markup. But how can we ensure that these custom experiences are both understandable and usable for people with disabilities, and in particular those using assistive technologies such as screen readers?
In this talk, we will look at the basics of making some common custom-built components accessible — covering how browsers and assistive technologies interact, the limitations of HTML, and how ARIA can help make interactive experiences more accessible. In addition, we will explore some of the recent additions in ARIA 1.1, as well as some particular challenges when it comes to traditional ARIA patterns and assistive technologies on mobile/tablet/touch devices.

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