Author of Codeception and CodeceptJS Michael Bodnarchuk

Michael is a passionate PHP/Ruby/JS developer from Kyiv, Ukraine. He is an author of popular testing frameworks like Codeception and CodeceptJS. Michael aims to popularize testing among developers. “Testing should be fun” — is his motto.

22/09/2018 10:40JS Talks

ATDD with CodeceptJS: Effective Testing Without Pain

Testing is hard. Despite all read tutorials and courses not everyone is following the TDD approach. The idea looks nice in general but brings pain on implementation. What is wrong with our testing? Let’s find out! This talk will be interesting for frontend and backend developers as we will look into: what makes effective tests; three qualities of tests; how not to mix specification and implementation in tests; how to predict future and work following ATDD; how to write end to end tests with CodeceptJS.

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