Front-End & Node.js Developer, Contractor Ivan Akulov

Ivan Akulov is a web developer who loves web performance. After working with Google, EPAM, Rock Content and other companies, he founded — a performance consulting agency — and helps businesses earn more by optimizing their web apps and sites.

21/09/2018 14:00JS Workshop #2

Using webpack to build faster apps

During the workshop Ivan will do the introduction to webpack. We’ll have a test app written without webpack and we’ll transfer it to webpack, build it and apply features such as code splitting and optimizations.

22/09/2018 15:15JS Talks

Building quick apps in 2018

Web performance is important, and it directly affects your app. In lots of case studies, the faster a site was, the more people used it — and the more money it earned. So, let’s see how to build a performant app in 2018: what metrics are the most important, what approaches we should use and what tools can help us with all this stuff.

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