React Native Tech Lead, Orange Polska Gabor Wnuk

React Native Technical Leader, Mobile Applications Consultant and Product Owner. Currently Gabor works at Orange Poland and Ework Sweden, he’s doing his best to push projects (iOS, Android and Progressive Web Apps) at hand forward using the most cutting edge technology there is.

21/09/2018 09:00JS Workshop #1

Introduction to React Native, Redux and Typescript — create your first billion dollar app

Required environment: preferably MacOS or Linux + iOS or Android device.
What is React Native: overview of the workshop and our goals for today.
What is Typescript and Flowtype: all flavours of JavaScript.
React vs React Native — essential differences.
Debug toolchain — how to debug crossplatform and native iOS and Android codebase.
Foundations — essential React Native components.
Styling, hacking, networking, navigation between views.
Redux and Redux Sagas principles with basic offline mode implementation, etc.

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