Senior Full-Stack Engineer, Airtame Elvis Adomnica

Elvis has 9 years experience working both in the industry and the academia where he’s been teaching web development, C++ and games, and Software Engineering. Since August 2016, he is working in Airtame’s desktop application team using Electron and React with Redux. Elvis has also been an organiser of Copenhagen JS and Advanced Copenhagen JS.

22/09/2018 10:00JS Talks

Sugar syntax and our attitude towards JS

JavaScript world is moving at a very high pace with yearly updates to the standard, new frameworks and libraries getting more and more popular, the build system changing constantly and more. There are sceptics in the community who believe that JavaScript is going in a wrong direction introducing sugar syntax such as classes or the C#-like async/await rather than taking advantage of the powerful prototype-base system and the functional aspects of the language. This talk analyses the use of sugar syntax or language constructs that can hinder the programmer’s understanding of the code and how in some instances language constructs even violate the very core principle of a programming language.

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