Entrepreneur, R&D Egor Malkevich

Product guy that’s passionate about cloud computing, all kind of webdev, science, food, cycling and family. With about 6 years of comertial codding experience I did almost everything possible to do in IT now days. Own company, freelance, just jobs with long range of products and technologies like C++ games, AI, CSS / JS forms, big data with Java... Now days I more efficient at the architecture of the front-end both for the web platforms and mobile apps. Have fun with coding and communications. The broad technical background gives me the strong understanding of communication value.

21/09/2018 16:10CSS Talks

Let’s play with vanila CSS / JS validations

Do you know how the validations work under the hood? Long time I hope so. Want to share with you practices and cases I know. And cut end CSS / JS possibilities in case of validations. Hope it helps you on the next project.

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