De­vel­oper and prod­uct man­ager, Adobe Type­kit Bram Stein

Bram Stein is the head of webfonts at Adobe. He cares a lot about typography and is happiest working at the intersection between design and technology. He is the author of the Webfont Handbook and a regular contributor to several magazines. He also speaks about typography and web performance at conferences around the world.
In his spare time, he maintains Font Face Observer, Typography Inspector, and several other tools for improving web typography.

21/09/2018 12:25CSS Talks

Are variable fonts the future of web typography?

You may have heard about variable fonts and how amazing they are (or not, in which case you should attend this talk!). But what exactly are variable fonts, and why are so many people excited about them? Is it because they offer exciting new ways to animate type? Or to endlessly tweak your typography? Or are they the answer to all your webfont performance problems? Let’s find out!

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