Front-end Developer & Designer, Lunar Logic Anna Migas

Anna works as a Front-end Developer and Designer at Lunar Logic, the no-management software house based in Kraków, Poland. She is always trying to find ways to make people fall in love with coding and has a long history of organizing coding workshops for WebMuses and Rails Girls. She recently gained a title of Google Developer Expert. In her spare time she is skateboarding, travelling and reading sci-fi and fantasy books.

21/09/2018 10:10CSS Talks

Fast but not furious: debugging user interaction performance issues

Perceived performance is not only about fast page loads and delivering the content as early as possible. It is also about all the interactions happening on an already loaded page. Even some of the most popular UI patterns can be a cause of frustration. Understanding what is happening under the browser’s hood can help you delight users with a smooth experience and avoid potential performance issues. Let’s demystify the rendering process and look into possible optimisations in order to achieve the best experience after the initial page load.

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